Limestone Paving

Limestone paving slabs are like sandstone paving slabs in so many performances. However, their surface appearance is flat and smooth which makes them slightly easier to lay in a patio setting as opposed to sandstone paving. Due to the smooth surface, limestone paving slabs are the preferred option for the patio garden. Its surface will be smooth to look at but does still have a texture like a grapefruit or orange skin to touch allowing it to be a good non-slip surface when wet avoiding any slips or falls.

The availability in colours for limestone paving is a little more limiting than that of sandstone with usually the offering only consisting of colours such as grey, yellow, beige, brown, blue and black.

In favour of limestone, it does have a striking and natural veining effect which will look great in any chosen space. The black limestone paving, dove grey limestone and Kota blue limestone are elegant and traditional style paving perfect for any home.

As opposed to sandstone, limestone paving can also be used within indoor spaces which will have a striking effect in any chosen room oozing style and rustic interior design.