Slate Paving

Slate paving brings the beauty to your garden patio paving. Slate is a beautiful natural stone that can be used to add different colours and textures to your landscape making your outdoor hardscape both functional and attractive.

As a paving slabs choice especially, slate's varying colours add a truly unique look to your patio paving. Colours range from grey and black to beautiful shades of slight greens and blues. Also, slate's non-slippery, cleft surface and hardness provide a durable, attractive paving option.

Slate paving is generally a good one of the paving stones to use outdoors (wherever you live in the UK) because it has a very low absorption rate. Overall, slate's natural water-resistance makes it a good option for the British climate.

Brazilian slate paving is available in two colours, one is black slate paving, another is grey slate paving, both of them are typically dense, hard and have a low water absorption range.